“Three Swedes: an Organizer, a Designer, and a Psychologist – known as the Death Cleaners – have come to America to help people face mortality and remind us all the ways we are alive.”

Tv host- the gentle art of Swedish death cleaning

About Ella

Interior designer & professional organizer that has a massive background from retail. That as a concept developer, assortment developer, visual merchandiser and I have worked in many different leading positions as a manager.

I now have my own company Engsroom helping busy individuals remove clutter and overwhelm so they can have a supportive, harmonious home.

I have a unique experience to do declutter & cleaning due to Swedish death cleaning method SDC.

This method is completely something else then other declutter methods. The method was invented here in Sweden and is a part of our culture and is well known as a concept here in Sweden. SDC, you work with so much more. You to look at your life, where you are and where you want to be. You keep the things that are in line with your core and what supports you going forward in life. Working through your things to have more time for the parts that are important in life. You create an easier life and do not leave unnecessary stuff to your loved ones.

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Swedish Death Cleaning

What is death cleaning and is it something you should be think about?

Margareta Magnussons book “The Gentle Art of Swedish Cleaning”  sits as the background to the concept of death cleaning. Death cleaning is a permament form of organization that simplifies your day-to-day. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with age or death. This process is useful even if you’re only in your 30s and have many years left to look forward to.


Death cleaning is much more than just an effective spring cleaning, purchasing plastic boxes and organizing your home. We take a walk together through your life during the process. It is important to have someone with experience who can guide you through the art behind death cleaning.

Minimalism, declutter for yourself and the future!

This process is here to help take the load off you and your family from accumulated clutter. With too many things around us we lose the ability to see what we really value. To be able to work with SDC (Swedish Death Cleaning) knowledge of how we humans operate in times of change is required. With my experience in scandinavian design, as a visual merchandiser, organization and personal development I will safely guide you through this process.

– Ella Engström

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